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Our world is busy with tasks and routines of everyday life. We often get caught up in the things we have to do for everyone else and neglect our individual needs. Our Mind is filled with many decisions to make, our Body is tense under the weight of stress and anxiety, and our Soul is often weary from it all, causing us to be out of balance.

TruSynergy's goal is to restore your desire to take care of yourself, understanding that if you do not take time for you, you are of little use to those around you. Whether you experience one or many wellness events with us, we hope to instill the idea that you deserve to treat yourself well, to feel well, to live well.

Get connected with us! We are committed to bringing you the services to put your core back in balance; after all, we believe that Balance of the Mind, Body and Soul is the Key to Total Health.
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Ericka Sallee, Owner
"I first want to thank you for helping to bring awareness of so many issues that affect each of us in some way. I was able to tune in to the session last night which was very enlightening and very informative" ~ S. Rochester about "Girl Chat with Dr. Mac"