Ericka Sallee
         Tru' Transformation Success Coach​​
"Shift Happens"

Your Tru'th is the Key to Your TRANSFORMATION!  ​
Ericka is passionate about empowering others to seek their full potential in all areas of life. She firmly believes that mind, body, spirit harmony is important for complete well-being and she incorporates this concept as one of the pillars of her coaching.​ 

She is dedicated to living in her purpose, transforming lives, leading and inspiring others to recognize their power and stand in their greatness.

Ericka is  committed to helping others build their self-esteem, discover their purpose and take the action they need to confidently walk in it. Her clients acknowledge eye-opening, life changing breakthroughs they receive when working with her. They experience changes that can be applied to all areas of life, from relationships to spirituality.

She is known for her compassionate, yet direct approach with her clients giving them sacred space to work through all areas during the coaching engagement. She listens intently to her clients with focused attention. Her educational background, professional experience, personal history, consistent training and development, and facilitated workshops are assets that help her to navigate her clients to  empowered living.

Through powerful individual and group coaching, inspiring live events and one to one mentoring, Ericka gives her clients practical processes and strategies that help them move past limiting barriers, develop their personal strategy for success and take the actions on their desired goals to achieve the way of life they seek.  

Not only is Ericka a Coach, she is also a student! She continues to engage in her own personal development to get the necessary tools and techniques for new effective and dynamic ways to serve her clients. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Frostburg State University and a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore, and has been the featured speaker for various organizations. In all of her endeavors, she speaks humbly from her heart to passionately uplift others and encourage her clients and audiences to "Live and Be Well". She has received many accolades from satisfied clients about the impact she and her programs have had on their lives.  

Transform. Lead. Inspire