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Big, Bold and Blazin - CD
Are you ready to be BIG in your thinking, BOLD in creating the best version of you so that you can BLAZE your trail? Use this audio as a quick and easy way to give you what you need to ignite the fire of new ideas, possibilitites, dreams and goals. Make the decision to step up and move forward in a new season of "YOU"! Affirmations, a few of my Favorite Things and my Formula for Creation© are blended together to give you just the right spark so you can make it happen!

​​Pregnant with Purpose: Birthing Truth, Promise and Destiny 
Ericka Sallee shares her journey of finding her purpose. She takes you through some of the trials and triumphs that lead her to the defining moments that helped shape her character and her calling. I truly believe that we all have a purpose and that life's challenges and triumphs help to shape how we find and fulfill that purpose. This book explores some of the most significant, and unpleasant, parts of my life that have helped me to discover my purpose and given me the determination to LIVE IT. Pre-order your copy today!


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