HFactor Corporate Training

Program Overview

The HFactor is the human element. Though the human resource is the essence of any company, many may be seen as the peg attached to the wheel rather than the person. This puts employee wellness and a healthy corporate culture at risk.

Many studies show that customer service is one of the most demanding and stressful jobs to have. High demands of busy call centers can lead to increased frustration from those in these positions low quality service, as well as employee burnout from stress.
There is also evidence to suggest that employees who are equipped with the right knowledge, and who have access to information will find it easier not just to do their job, but to do it well. Providing tools and techniques to manage stress relief and to enhance service are keys to success.

In addition,  when effective internal and external customer service, support and relationship management are seen as core company values, the environment for cohesive, high performing teams is created.  

Transforming outdated, ineffective company norms to more modern ways to incorporate overall wellness is not just necessary now, but its the wave of the future!

This series of sessions will cover:​






Stress Management and Communication

Simple stress relief techniques that can be applied immediately​
Effective Communication

Effective communication skills to enhance service delivery​​
Good Sense Approach to Self and Service

Concrete use of the 5 senses to create triggers for positive customer interaction​​
Value vs. Merit:
Conversations to Bridge the Gap

Bridging the gap between what employers expect and what employees want​​
Power of Positive Speaking

Understanding the power of positive speaking and its influence on outcomes

The HFactor Corporate Training Program is designed to address 4 key competencies:

Wellness:​​ Customer Service is the front line of many companies in our economy. It is also a profession that produces increased stress levels. Providing simple, ready-to-use stress management techniques such as breathing, stretching and visualization can support the well-being of the Service Representative and provide a more quality experience for the Customer.
Professionalism: We can demonstrate a personal brand where others view us as professional, smart, competent and courteous or, as rude, short-tempered and unable to problem-solve. Verbal communication provides the framework for dialogue and determines its success.  With the right tools and techniques, and a little effort, one can always stay in control of their professional image.
 Communication: Without effective communication there is a potential breakdown in the exchange of information, and without the exchange of information, a fundamental element of human interaction is lost.
Good communication is the essence of learning and problem solving, and is the glue that holds these processes together.
 Performance: There is a correlation between overall employee well-being, effective communication, professionalism and performance. When the workforce is equipped with useful information that helps support them in all these areas, the result is solid, quality performance that employees can be proud of and that customers can rely on.     

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