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Pathway to Purpose: Find It. Follow It. Fulfill It.

 6 Steps to Jump Start You Toward Change

Ericka shares her journey of finding her purpose. She takes you through some of the trials and triumphs that lead her to the defining moments that helped shape her character and her calling. This book explores some of the most significant parts of my life that helped me to find my purpose, follow the experiences and people that are connected to it, then be bold enough to fulfill it. 
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Sometimes we need a roadmap to get from point A to point B. You know it's time for change but not sure where to start. The 6 Steps to Jump Start You Toward Change will give you a structured process that you can use to quickly move to action and get results. New dates have been added so you don't miss out on the opportunity to get moving on your "next"! Pick the date that suits your schedule.
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Self Image is Everything

Transformation Success Strategy (online) $696

Ready to uncover your beauty and embrace your self worth? Self Image is Everything™  is a program to help get back to your foundation. You were created to be amazing and this program will walk you through how to look in the mirror and be confident about the image you see. Includes one 30-minute discovery session, three 60-minute private coaching sessions, all program worksheets for each module, and three 15-minute post coaching accountability sessions.
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Modeled after the Signature Transformation Success Strategy, this self-paced program will give you access to the same content. Identify barriers that get in the way of you achieving your goals and get the tools and techniques to help you set intentions and a roadmap for success. Go over the modules as often as you need to. Includes bonus videos and worksheets!
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Select Bundle

An amazing value! The Select Bundle is a great way to develop your classroom for personal learning. The Bundle includes a copy of the book Purpose: Find It. Follow It. Fulfill It., the 6 Steps to Transformation Power Session and the Transformation Success Strategy On-line Program  ($860 Value)
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