I pride myself on delivering services based on Compassion, Commitment and Results but don't take my word for it ...

"Ericka is amazing! Through the information shared on the audios, I am in an incredible place!!! I am so happy and grateful for everything in my life, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. I am forever grateful to Ericka for all that she shares!"
M.  Wheeler 
"I have heard nothing but great things about today's session on effective communications.  And the role playing was spot on and very impactful.  Thank you for a very enlightening and engaging seminar."
L. Taggart
"Ericka's Transformation Success Strategy program is the best gift I could have ever given myself.  I have gained insights and awareness into myself that I was unable to attain in 47 long years. I am so supremely satisfied with this program as changes are already taking place in my life after years of being stagnant."
S. Ahmed
"Ericka taught me how to look at myself in the mirror with all my flaws, pain and disappointments. I felt such a cleansing after getting rid of raw emotions that had been settled down in my spirit. I left this event feeling revived and ready to take on whatever came my way. I am looking forward to TruSynergy's upcoming events!"
K. Harmon

"Ericka's down-to-earth demeanor and quiet inner-strength, in addition to being extremely professional, is comfortably relatable. 
Ericka has this amazing flair for helping me to reframe my thoughts in a way that supports my needs. I fully believe Ericka's knowledge and expertise will assist me in the transformation to "My Tru' Self!"
​A. Teixeira

"Ericka was able to give a different perspecitive on how to look at past pain and create a new self image. The workshop helped me get unstuck in some areas where I had trouble getting clarity. I can’t wait to attend another workshop!"
A. Sutton

"Ericka's presentation was full of information that was eye opening for me and made me realize that I need to act on the goals I desire for my life. She is a powerful woman and is determined to share what she knows to make a difference in the lives of other women."
P. Kelly